Important Tips to Fix a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is nothing more than a simple machine that operates trouble-free for many years. There are some situations when an individual gets stuck and able to handle the most repairs himself with little more than a screwdrivers and hex wrench. But when a replacement is required, the perfect solutions are achieved only with the help of a perfect plumber.


Tips to clear a jammed disposal:

  • The first step is to turn off the circuit or unplug the unit.
  • Check the hex wrench into the hole and force it back and forth in both directions that may free the impellers.
  • Check if something has been put in the disposal, such as metal, rubber, or fibrous food waste. Use pliers to pull the thing out.

If still, the problem doesn’t sort out, then the next task is to find a reputed plumber. Because you can apply your brain to some extent not equals to the plumber. Garbage disposal repair may cost you less or high, it will depend on your disposal. If there needs some replacement, then it cost you little bit expensive.

Basic Garbage Disposal Care:

  • Don’t use hot water while grinding food as it can melt the fats and clog the pipes.
  • Don’t pour chemicals, bleach and drain cleaners into the unit.
  • Don’t grind hard materials, such as bones, fibrous materials or coffee grounds.
  • Run water before and after you use.

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