Top Leading Plumbing Company Offering 24-Hour Emergency Service


The best plumbing solution is offered by our company Charlotte Plumbing & Repair and we aim to finish our job in just a few hours. Our emergency plumbing team is always available to visit your place if you need any sort of plumbing service. This is something that all homeowners or office owners have to go through. The whole plumbing system in a building can be understood only by the skilled plumbers and all types of issues can be solved immediately.


In the plumbing system, several things are include and one very common thing is a water heater that contributes a lot to your overall comfort and safety as well. It is actually the most necessary plumbing item that most of the homeowners install in their house. In any case, if it stops working properly, you can call us, we will send our water heater repair specialist to your house for its quick repair. If water heater doesn’t works properly, people experience discomfort.


Our company is committed to delivering a service that is simply designed solves all sorts of issues related to plumbing, sewer and drain. If you are looking for the best drain cleaning experts, you can meet us. We offer a range of services including, sink drain cleaning, drain pipe cleaning, sewer drain cleaning, jet drain cleaning, blocked drain cleaning and many more. You can consider on us for all your drain cleaning or repair needs.


At Charlotte Plumbing & Repair, only experienced professionals are employed so that we can offer effective solutions for your satisfaction. Our plumbers are proficient in working with all makes and models of plumbing systems. If you find us trustworthy, please contact us. You can feel free to discuss your requirement with our plumbers on phone also.


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